Here's how the Regular W4L program works. It's a 4 Phase program with each phase lasting 6 weeks. Each phase is $200.00/per person and includes a nutrition program, a workout program. If you only want one part of the program this is ok. You can buy the Nutrition program for $100.00 or workout program for $100.00. There is no obligation to purchase all the programs, you stop when you want and only pay for the phase you are on.

The Advance Phases are a continuation of the regular phase programs for those individuals who would like to continue on their journey with W4L to go beyond their original goal.

What I will need are before pictures (Front/Side/Back) to start and I REQUIRE updates every 2 weeks to include updated pics. I will need 3 days of your current nutritional intake (foods) along with the times you eat. Also, a list of your FAVORITE foods and foods you CANNOT eat or ABSOLUTELY don’t Like! Make sure you send a list of any Medications. Herbs, Vitamins, or Supplements you are taking at this time. Include what you are currently doing for workouts and cardio if any.  Please include your current weight and height and your GOAL. Once all info and payment is confirmed, i will email your plans to you in 3 business days or less.


Email All Info and Pics to


Here's how W4L CONTEST PREP Works. FOR COMPETITION PREP ONLY!!!!!!  If you want Competition Prep, PRICES are DIFFERENT. Nutritional Prep is based off of the NUMBER of Weeks you will be preparing for your Show. Each week is $50.00! EXAMPLE if you are Prepping for 12 weeks (3 Months) the Price is $600.00, 16 Weeks (4 Months) is $800.00, 20 Weeks (5 Months) is $1,000.00. These prices are based off the Number of Nutritional Plans you will be receiving. You Will Receive anywhere from 8-20 Plans to include Carb Depletion, Carb Load and Water Manipulation for the Final Week of Prep! REMINDER this is JUST for the NUTRITIONAL PREP ONLY, Workouts will be an additional cost.

Email All Info and Pics to  

Let me know if I can assist with your goals!